Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I managed to get through the stress test. It was aptly named; I was at the heart center for four hours, and the various phases of the test involved a lot of waiting. But I got through it, and the next day, I met with the cardiologist, who informed me that my heart function was "excellent," and that I have no evidence of heart disease. I felt, after seeing my father go through his heart dramas, that I was literally given a second chance to create my life in a way that's meaningful.

Time is precious, and who knows, ultimately, how long I have. As Pema Chodron, a wise Buddhist teacher and author has said, "Life is like getting into a boat that you know is going to sink." While my boat is floating, I want to make the most of my time here on the planet. That means more teaching, performing, writing--doing the things that add richness to my one precious life.


Blogger BuffaloSon said...

May you spend many more hours "at the heart center", Judah. I also think you "heart function" is excellent. I am sitting here with a broken ankle and this has been a good reminder to check in with my heart. For me, right now, my heart is reminding me to be thankful that my ankle is healing and that I have a wonderful daughter who is taking care of me and a beautiful 8-year old granddaughter to cheer me up.

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