Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Schadenfruede, however you spell it, is an interesting concept. Taking pleasure in the misfortune of others. Last Sunday I saw Avenue Q, a wonderfully twisted musical, beautifully done and very creatively staged. The numbers included "Everyone's a little bit racist" and one that was something like "It's OK if you're gay," sung to a puppet named Rod, who is a closeted gay Republican. Another number, Shadenfruede, focused on the evil pleasure of looking at others' miseries and thinking, 'hey, my life isn't so bad....'

I feel a touch of that, at times, if I hear about a writer who is mired in writer's block--especially if that writer is more successful than me. It really comes up around book writing; despite what I say in my writing classes, I feel (when it comes to myself at least) that real writers write--and publish--books and therefore, I still have yet to arrive.

When I get into my competitive writer's head, and my inner critic is whispering into my inner ear, or shouting at full volumne, I drop headlong into another dark emotion--jealousy.

Still, I try to keep focused on doing my own work rather than worrying about what others are doing. Which is fine, as long as I don't hang out with too many successful writers....


Blogger pantsintheocean said...

We hate successful writers. Unless we are reading something they wrote which happens to inspire us to write something wonderful. Otherwise, they suck. ;) -Cella

7:49 PM  
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