Monday, March 17, 2008


So, I'm already late with this post. I could make excuses--I had a column due for Bay Windows, (which should be in this Thursday's paper), but that's lame. My plan is to post each Sunday or Monday, and do this weekly. Now, I need to figure out ways to keep writing and working on two book projects. The first one, a collection of essays called "Finding My Place," keeps coming together and falling apart. I just got feedback from another editor, (who I owe about $150), who doesn't think the collection works as a book.

Ugh! Putting together a book that does work is a lot more complicated than just organizing and writing a good essay. I'm used to writing in short stints and creating brief pieces. While I'm working on these projects, I could really use a writing buddy who would keep me honest (i.e. plugging away at my tasks). Writing date, anyone?


Blogger pantsintheocean said...

Tempting!!! Maybe this summer I would sign up for a writing group with you. Once I'm away from all my classes.

Keep it up, Judah! You've got the gift, and you know it feels good to keep creating. :)

8:52 PM  

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