Sunday, April 12, 2009


About 2 weeks ago,I came back from visiting a friend in Albany and found a mini-flood in my kitchen. It seems that literally when it rains it pours, and the water damage came the week after I discovered that my bike had been stolen out of the "secure" bike room on the first floor of my condo building. Also, I was in the middle of refinancing my condo and had just received my new appraisal--in the last few years the value of my condo has been shrinking incredibly fast--and seeing the new/low number brought me up short; I felt like I'd just been slapped like the men in those old Aqua Velva commercials.

Today, my unit is pieced back together and I've managed to pull myself together, too. But I was and am amazed at how quickly I felt ungrounded/of how I lost my composure as soon as I spotted a note on my door and then entered my unit to find peeling plaster, water-stained walls and a wet floor. Once again, I'm reminded that I need to practice yoga or meditation--to do something so that when the shit does hit the fan--as it inevitably will, especially when life seems to be going my way, I'll have something to fall back on.


Blogger cda said...

So sorry to read this, and I'm right there with you--amazed at how just a few things of this ilk can hit so hard. Glad to hear you are back on keel and hope to see you soon!!!

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