Monday, March 02, 2009

Snow Day

I'm officially sick of winter--no longer seeing the beauty of white on red brick or bare trees. I'm tired of being cold, of feeling the wind whip through my four or five layers of clothing. But on this Monday morning, I'm grateful for snow; for the first time this year, my college (work) is closed and we have a snow day.

I feel a bit like the kid I was, back in Cleveland, when we'd get a rare (about once a year) day off due to snow. In that lake-effect snow region, school would be canceled only if we got a foot or more. My friends and I would grab our fathers' shovels and head out, shoveling the neighbors driveways for $5 or $6, and earning $2 each for that numbingly cold work.

Still, it was exciting--an unexpected gift--to get that unplanned holiday. Today, my car is in my condo lot, which should be plowed out by this afternoon. Then I'll head down out and dig out my car....which beats shoveling a whole driveway. I'm hoping this will be the last major snowstorm of the season, but March can be a long month.

Still, the time changes next weekend and I'm going to pretend that spring is just around the corner instead of being a month away.


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