Monday, January 05, 2009

Sliding into the New Year

After a long break in my posting, I'm back to this blog. Naturally, I wonder if anyone is out there--if anyone reads these posts, especially when I've been an infrequent contributor. But during the months of November and December, I was, (as we'd say in Boston) wicked preoccupied with family issues. My mother's husband passed away in mid-December after a long illness. Now my mother has the time and ability to take care of herself, and to resume her own life. As I see her get on her feet, I'm getting back into my own life.

Now, once again, I have no (good) excuses not to write, to work on my one-man show (which I plan to perform next fall), or to plan my classes. I avoid formal new year's resolutions, but I am determined to write more, to practice my craft regularly, to use my precious time instead of frittering so much of it away in front of the TV.

The government is giving me a boost by doing what I lacked the will to do--essentially turning off my television. On February 17, when the remaining stations switch from analog to digital, my TV (complete with rabbit ears and no cable) will become a DVD player. This is one time I cut put my talent for procrastination and inertia to positive use....I'm not ordering cable or getting a conversion box--at least not yet.


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