Thursday, May 08, 2008

Do What I Say, Not What I (Don't) Do

Lately I've been teaching a series of memoir and essay-writing workshops. Generally, I feel good about the fact that I'm actively writing, and finding ways to get my essays and stories published, (usually in small publications, but at least I'm getting them 'out there). But over the past few months, I've gotten away from my book project, and I haven't felt inspired to write much beyond my Bay Windows column, "Life in the Slow Lane." (See

Last month I co-taught a 4-week course at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education, and the writers in the class were amazingly motivated. They wrote, refined and prepared to send out new material--good, polished essays. Meanwhile, I'm in a writing funk. I'd love to get some suggestions on how to get unstuck and re-fill my creative gas tank. Any suggestions??


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