Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Creative Avoidance

I have the luxury of almost two weeks off--counting weekends-- and I had ambitious goals of how much I was going to write. So far, while I have done a lot of organizing, filing, and writing-related "stuff," I haven't actually sat down and written much. Maybe I'm just out of ideas. Maybe I'm lazy. Or both.....Meanwhile I have this essay collection and the pieces have been edited, tweaked, refined and re-edited countless times. Now I simply have to commit, to make a final decision as to what goes where, and send the manuscript off to two small publishers who may be interested in publishing my book.

Any yet I delay, surf the net, run errands. Maybe my family will not like some of the pieces. (This is almost a given). Maybe the publishers will yawn. So in the short run, it's easier to delay, avoid, fritter away my time. Now that I've "fessed up," I'm heading back to finish organizing the book.


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