Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Pathetic, Whiny Narrator

There's nothing like getting feedback (i.e. rejection) as a writer. I recently received two missives--one from an agent, who said that, while my work was well-written, she didn't feel passionate enough about it to represent me. The other note came from an editor who agreed to critique my work, and described my narrator (i.e. me) as "both pathetic and naricissistic...and yet likeable."
Hmm.....the narcissism was based on the fact that there's little in the first 50 pages about my two brothers. In terms of my older brother, I want to tell her to read on. In terms of my younger, it was easier not to disturb the family harmony, and there are few if any skeletons to uncover in that corner of the family closet anyway.

It appears I'm getting a mite defensive. I've been working on this collection, slowly, sputteringly, for about 8 years, and now that I've arrived--or thought I had--my ego is twisting and turning, wanting to shake off the negative vibes and the basic truth in the feedback I've been getting. And that begs the question--will my book ever see the light of day? Is it, am I good enough?
I guess time, and several more drafts, will tell.


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