Sunday, October 08, 2006

Leave no stone unturned.....

The past month has been an adventure--a "rug pulled out from under me" experience, a series of life events I would not have chosen, if I could have influenced the master in the sky, or whoever is pulling the strings. Coming back from a trip to Ohio, on my first day back at work, I discovered an series of bumps or bites running up my left arm. Within a few days, the rash had spread along the tops of my shoulders, down my right arm, up my neck, etc, and the bumps had turned into welts. Meanwhile, I ended up in the emergency room at nearby Lawrence Hospital. It turned out that, after a 7 year break, I had another kidney stone...ugh! A few hours later, pumped up with pain meds, I was released and sent home with my strainer and an order to drink fluids, to move the stone through.

The rash continued to get worse. After a visit to a dermatologist at MGH, I got some steroid cream and some allergy medication, and fortunately, the rash disappeared. (It seemed I had an allergic reaction to work, and to the recirculated air and construction going on in our "sick" building).


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