Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Mining for new material

When I teach writing workshops, I always tell students to "mine for gold," and to search their rich lives for interesting material. Meanwhile, I've been avoiding my blog, since I'm tired of writing about the subject of ME. I feel tapped out; my veins are exhausted. Some of this stems, I'm sure, from my uncertainty around my book. A month ago, I thought it was almost done; now, it's back under construction--or more truthfully--collecting dust motes as I wonder what to do with it, as I decide if it's worthy of further revision. It's like the Seinfeld episode in which Mr. Peterman decides to purchase some of Kramer's stories, and pass them off as his own. If only I'd led a more heroic, fascinating life......

Hmm...I guess that's what James Frey did (write fiction and call it memoir), and it got him all the way to the best seller lists. But I don't write fiction (very often or very well) and I can't go back and relive my life so far. I just need to find a new vein, a new 'mother lode,' which right now feels a bit like less likely than stumbling on Mr. Right at the Medford Square CVS, (or stumbling on Mr. Right at all!)

Still, on some level I'm hopeful that inspiration will strike, or that I'll find a really gripping show on TV.


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