Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Craft of Writing

I'm participating in a week-long writing conference at Lesley University this week. It's been nice to be on campus, but not be in work mode. One thing that has been coming up for me this week is my "ego stuff." I sit in my writing workshop and listen to other folks' writing and get caught up in comparisons. I feel somewhat envious of the published/renowned writers who serve as the faculty for the conference. "Real writers have published books" my inner critic mutters and I know that I haven't passed the bar yet.

And yet, despite the insecure, needy ego-monster who is currently inhabiting my brain, I'm enjoying hanging out with other wirters--yes, I am one--and learning from teachers/writers who are further along on the path than I am. At times, I'm even enjoying the process of writing a book and exploring my themes and topics. Maybe it's not about just getting to the finish line.


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