Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Joy of Teaching

Yesterday I co-led another session of "Shaping and Taping," a workshop on writing essays and vignettes for radio. The four-hour workshop seemed to fly by, my co-presenter Leslie and I worked smoothly together, and everyone got a copy of their recordings--thanks to Robert Smyth--our audio expert. Doing these workshops reminds me of how much I get from teaching, and from connecting with other writers who are also "doing the work." Sometimes, when I put out a lot of energy doing something I love, I find that I'm less tired/more invigorated, even though I've generally felt depleted lately.

For me, teaching and writing, and being around other creative people, speeds/encourages my healing. Now, if only my hearing would return to normal, so that I could ditch this damn hearing aid!


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