Sunday, July 01, 2007

Waiting and Hoping (again)

I spent this past Friday running a medical circuit, first to the Pigmented Lesion Center at Mass General, and then on to Mt Auburn Hospital for an MRI. I passed my body scan--it's 7 months until my next visit--and always a relief to know I don't have another malignant mole. Now I'm waiting for the MRI results; if my tumor (located behind the left kidney) has grown in the past 5 months, I'll need to have surgery later this year.

I know the tumor is not malignant, which is the main thing, but I'm not anxious to have fairly major surgery and then go through the recovery. So I'm sitting with the uncertainty of now knowing, expecting to find out tomorrow, and hoping with all my heart that I can let the tumor least for a while.


Blogger cda said...

Hey Judah, I hope you got good news. Sending you lots of love, from the south...

1:40 AM  

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