Monday, May 07, 2007

Caution: Boomer Aging Gracelessly

I've always been youthful for my age/immature, and even today, most folks guess I'm much closer to 40 than to 50 (my real age). But internally, after the adventures of this past year, I feel like I've caught up with my contemporaries, and I have the scars--and hearing loss--to prove it. Although I've been very fortunate--my melanoma was caught early due to the eagle eye of my dermatologist--I now have a four-inch-long scar in the center of my chest. I now wear a hearing aid in my left ear. (When it's not whistling or annoying the hell out of me). I now experience that sensation of being stuck in a narrow tube several times a year, when I go in for my MRI.

Basically, I've become a human version of my 1997 Mercury Tracer, which has over 100K miles and needs frequent upkeep. Like the Tracer, I've accumulated five decades of wear and tear and need upkeep, too. It seems I'm spending more and more time in the medical "shop," going to see various specialists/mechanics.

Unfortunately, I can't trade myself in for a new model, and I don't come with a 50+ year warranty.


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